Metal Cutting Services

When it comes to metal cutting for your products and projects, JELKE’S has the team, the tools and the training to deliver. From the latest laser cutting systems to waterjet, plasma and more, we can easily turn a wide array of flat and tube stock into the parts and components you need. 

Laser Cutting Services

Our laser cutting systems are state-of-the-art, and with both tube laser cutting and flat sheet laser cutting capabilities, we can process material quickly and precisely to create perfect parts for your products.

Waterjet Cutting Services

The latest waterjet cutting systems give us the ability to process very thick material with precision. In addition, waterjet cutting does not introduce heat into the process which ensures the utmost precision.

Plasma Cutting Services

When it comes to processing heavy plate, our plasma cutting systems incorporate drilling, tapping and countersinking in order to maximize efficiency and precision on heavy-duty steel parts and components.

If you have specific questions about our metal cutting services, please contact us today to discuss our capabilities in depth. Our team of expert fabricators is standing by to answer your questions and determine how JELKE’S can help.

Contract Manufacturing

When it comes to OEM outsourcing, we have what it takes to get your products made right at any volume. Whether it’s fabricating, building, testing or drop-shipping your orders, we’re at our best when we’re helping you fill orders efficiently and profitably.


Outsourced Design, Fabrication & Manufacturing Since 1988

For over 35 years, the team at JELKE’S has worked behind the scenes to bring heavy-duty products to life for a variety of OEMs across a wide range of industries. From cold-patch asphalt machines to pug mill systems to mining and energy infrastructure, we know how to bring your products to life quickly and correctly. Learn more about our team, how we work and who we are – and contact us today to discuss your next project
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